Scent List  

(All scents may not be available at all times)

Essential Oils

  • Lavender ( Feminine ) We use an organic lavender, which has a fresher, cleaner smell than traditional lavender . Fresh, herbaceous, floral
  • Chamomile ( Unisex) Warm, sweet and apple-like fruity 
  • Geranium  ( Feminine ) Floral, fresh, sweet, with a fruity note
  • Lemongrass(unisex)has a light, fresh, citrus aroma with earthy undertones
  • Bergamot  ( Feminine ) basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality.
  • Dragons Blood- (Unisex) Made with some essential oils, has a very Oriental and Exotic type of smell with strong notes of woods, vanilla and amber and other layers including a hint of rose, jasmine,lilac, blood orange, patchouli and grapefruit. It is as strong and powerful as it is exotic and has a slightly spicy and musky scent as well as being very sensual and alluring.
  • Vetiver - (Unisex) has an earthy, woody scent characteristic of most essential oils derived from roots in the earth. It also has a Rich, sweetly satisfying note that is warm
  • Cedarwood (Masculine) Woody, sweet, balsamic.
  • Patchouli  (Unisex) Traditional , Rich, earthy, woody aroma with a nearly hidden fruity note.
  • Peppermint and Spearmint - (Unisex) sharp, fresh penetrating mint
  • Sandalwood - (Unisex) has a strong sweet note which rapidly gives way to a woody note

Premium Fragrance Oils
Coco Mango
(Unisex)fruity notes of mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries, and ripe papaya. This scent is completed with rich vanilla and toasted coconut with just a hint of soft musk.

Cucumber Melon(Unisex) Fresh cucumbers and melons
Vanilla(Unisex) Rich, warm, sweet vanilla aroma.
Rose ( Feminine ) Smells just like a rose garden
Ocean Storm (Unisex) - this scent is a clean, fresh, crisp scent. It is a blend of crisp ozone top notes, with frangipani and muguet blossoms drifting with sea foam greens.
Coconut(Unisex) traditional, fresh and rich
Coconut Lemongrass - (Unisex) 50/50 mix of traditional coconut and lemongrass which is Fresh, lemony, earthy.
Jasmine Dreams( Feminine ) Intensely rich, warm, floral scent and a tea-like undertone
Smoky Patchouli  - (Unisex) just like the traditional with a smoky undertone
Baby Powder - (Unisex) A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, muguet and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base.
Honey Almond - (Unisex) A rich, wonderful almond and honey aroma. A sweet coconut and powder at the base.
Rainforest Nights - (Unisex)  Jasmine, Florals, Citrus, Light Woods, Great Unisex Scent. Clean Soap Smell.- It smells just like walking in the woods when it's wet from rain. You can smell moss, earth, light floral and wet leaves.
Amaretto - (Unisex) A sweet, heavenly Amaretto scent. This intense fragrance is well balanced by infused almond notes and rich cream with just a hint of coconut.
Amber Whispers - ( Feminine ) A truly exotic scent. Crisp, clean musk scent with notes of amber, powder ,and lavender.
Love Affair(Feminine) Comparable to  Endless Love from Victoria Secrets-Blend of Summer Flowers, Musk, Lime and Citrus
Pure Dirt - (Unisex) Comparable to Dirt by Demeter.  Smells like Muddy Dirt or  like fresh potting soil It is the essence of childhood digging and gardening  
Nag Champa  - (Unisex) Renowned for its earthy scent, it contains Juniper, Patchouli and Vanilla. Rose Geranium and Jasmine are also present to give the blend a sweet note.
Dragonfly Fairy(Feminine) Comparable to Satsuma by Body Shop. A sweet orange and citrus blend that is so yummy. 

Citrus Dragonfly - (Unisex)  A wonderful bittersweet Citrus Bouquet. This blend is composed of citrusy top notes of Calabrian bergamot, California lemon oil, mandarin, and nectarine. Watery green leaves give way to sheer luscious fruity notes of peach, apricot, and mango. Jasmine and white ginger lead the way to base notes of vetiver, oakmoss, and sweet musk. Despite all that, here's what we smell: Grapefruit!! Strong, citrus-y, wonderfully true grapefruit
Cooper (Masculine) - a blend of oak moss and sandalwood that is anchored by patchouli and musk, with a touch of vanilla.
Gregory (Masculine) - Comparable to Polo, this fragrance is a blend of leather, wood, tobacco basil and oak moss.
Play Dirty (Masculine) - Comparable to Dirty English. Opens with a blast of citrus mixed with cedar and black leather. Then it reveals a deep sensuous agarwood, Vetiver, and black moss with a little hint of vanilla and amber musk. This scent is tenacious, but not overpowering.
Green Tweed Jacket (Masculine) Top notes of sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena and Florentine iris. Green Tweed Jacket is a wonderfully fresh, green scent that has a soft Oakmoss background.
Exotic Mambo (Masculine) An up-tempo twist of Bergamot and zesty lime, Mediterranean herbs and spices. A tandem of French Clary sage and thyme is embraced by exotic masculine florals and an ultra-sensual fusion of cinnamon leaf, cumin and heart of Cedarwood. The soul of the fragrance is a rhythmic blend of lusty patchouli, addictive musk, irresistible Sandalwood and spirited Fir Balsam.
Black Amber Musk (Masculine) Blend of Black Amber, Clove, Nutmeg, Musk-Not too strong.
Vanilla Oak Tree (Unisex) Oak, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk. Homey, earthy, uplifting, yet soft. Love this scent, great for girls and guys. Warm and bright and clean with a touch of the outdoors
Mahogany Woods (Masculine) This deep, rich woody scent has notes of Italian Bergamot, Apple Wood and Vanilla Tonka Bean to round out the more sensuous Patchouli, Cedarwood, and Oakmoss. To keep this fragrance from smelling like a freshly cut wood floor, they added spices of Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon and allspice.
Arabian Nights  (Masculine) Filled with the aromatic scents of a romantic time past, Arabian Nights is a blend of Myrrh and Orange, with middle notes of Ginger, Cinnamon and Cloves. It is then rounded out with Caraway Seed and Vanilla to give it a warm, tranquil feeling. This scent has such a perfect balance of spice, warmth and sweetness.
Sun Bleached Wood (Masculine) Top notes of fresh citrus and zesty aromatics, an alluring middle that seems burst forward with a touch of sea air, all salty and wet, and a bottom note bolstered by woodsy notes, mostly blonde woods, guaiac wood and a touch of musk. This seeming confusion of scent ties together beautifully. It reminds me, in a way, of Gant for Men -- just not as sweet.
Cool River  (Masculine) Comparable to Cool Water -Brisk and fresh but casual enough not to overwhelm the senses. Top notes: citrus, black currant and pineapple. The middle notes are: honeydew, muguet and water lily and the base of the fragrance is: Vetiver amber and mulberry.
Moroccan Rains  (Unisex) A rich oriental type scent with a sweet honey character and a subtle touch of spice.
Mayan Gold Spice (Masculine) A mix of rare woods, spices and amber. It is considered an oriental fragrance with a very unique note: chocolate! Our blend contains a large amount of essential oils (Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, Neroli along with synthetic notes of Vanilla, Chocolate and Musk
Dragon Dreams (Masculine) Comparable to Drakkar. This masculine scent possesses a blend of spices, sandalwoods,  lavender, citrus, spicy   berries and. It's a wonderful all-around men's fragrance.
Sandalwood Vanilla - (Unisex) is a heavenly blend of sweet, aromatic vanilla and deep, luscious sandalwood and delicate notes of sensuous amber.
Bamboo & Teak(Unisex) A rich and exotic scent with hints of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, floral and sweet fruit
Sun and Sand  (Unisex) A fresh citrus scent with notes of ozone, amber, musk and powder.
Sensuous Sandalwood (Masculine) - This Sandalwood is the most alluring, sexy scent you will ever smell. Its a woody, lush and sensual scent. 

Newly Added  Scents

  •  Sexy Little Thing (Compare to Victoria Secrets) Blend of Jasmine, Lily, Violet, Apple, Lime. Light and Floral.
  • Endless Love (Compare to Victoria Secrets) Blend of Summer Flowers, Musk, Lime and Citrus
  •  Amber Lavender Love ( Compare to Jo Malone Type Amber & Lavender) The sweet lavender is blended smoothly with warm amber and light touches of clove and myrrh.  It's fresh, clean and vibrant
  • My Pleasures  (Compare to Estee Lauder) This scent is as fresh as a garden after a light rain. A floral blend of Lilies, Peonies and Jasmine, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic Baie Rose.Top notes include White Lilies, Middles notes of Black Lilac and Pink Rose with base notes of Sandalwood and Patchouli.
  •  Sleeping Angels - Fresh, flowery and green with notes of Rose, Muget, and Musk. Delicate and floral.
  •   Black Raspberry Vanilla (Compare to B&BW) Sweet, a little tart and lusciously deep and dark, our Black Raspberry Vanilla is a true match to BBW's. Holding its own in cold process soaps, this fragrance blends rich notes of raspberry with other fruity-florals. The bottom notes of amber and vanilla provide a warm, sweet drydown.
  • Very Pink ~(Compare to Aquolina Pink Sugar )Based in vanilla and caramel, In the background, sweet notes of bergamot, strawberries, raspberries and oranges combine with a tempting base note of musk, sandalwood and vanilla to create a positively tasty treat for the senses.
  • Sensuous Sandalwood - This Sandalwood is the most alluring, sexy scent you will ever smell. Woody and lush.
  • Magnolia - A fresh magnolia tree blossom in full bloom from the deep south
  • Honeysuckle - A sweet soft floral.
  • English Tea Rose- smells just like a tea rose. 
  • Chocolate- rich warm and creamy chocolate. Smells good enough to eat, but dont!
  • Kumquat- Top notes of green, citrus, kumquat, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, raspberry, fruity plum and muguet. Floral heart notes of jonquil, gardenia and jasmine. Musk completes the fragrance.A must try!

Holiday Scents 

Pumpkim Pie Spice- warm and fresh out of the oven

Cedar Berry A wonderful mix of Cedar and fresh berry's

Ginger Snaps- just like Ginger cookie

 Woodland -like a walk through the forest in the middle of a rain shower

Santa Spruce - blend of sugar and blue spruce. It is clean, crisp and refreshing without resorting to the traditional 'pine' scent. The blue spruce adds a wondrous outdoors element. 

Sleigh Ride - note of Orange, followed by a middle note of Green Apple and winding down to peppermint and cloves.

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - roasted chestnuts, caramel, rich butter, brown sugar and vanilla


Some scents listed may not be available in all products.


Pregnant and Nursing Women should be Cautious about using Essential Oils.
Avoid use of these oils during pregnancy: bitter almond, basil, clary sage, clove bud, hyssop,sweet fennel, juniper berry, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rose, rosemary, senna, cascara sarada, sage, thyme, goldenseal, barberry, oregon grape root and wintergreen. 

 Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils can slow down baby's breathing to an alarming rate so DO NOT use around infants. We are also offering some of our products without Vitamin E for concerned mothers to be. Feel free to email us direct if you have any additional questions.