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All natural supplies for your Dog and Cat because 

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100% Pure Organic Catnip

Catnip, a member of the mint family, is a harmless "high" for felines.
About 80% of adult cats -- including lions, pumas, and leopards will
 react to this irresistible, intoxicating, analgesic soporific. In most
cats, catnip produces a euphoric feeling that brings out kitten-like
playfulness in adult cats. The effect usually lasts from five to fifteen
 minutes. The tendency to like or ignore catnip is inherited, and it's
 true that some cats are immune to its influence.

You can offer the catnip loose or put some in a sock and tie a knot
at the end. Rub some catnip on scratching posts periodically as well,
 if you're in the middle of training a cat to use the post. In addition
to offering catnip during times of stress or after a particular event,
 you can use it on a maintenance basis but not more than once a week.

Catnip may cause some cats to act aggressively toward other pets.
If you notice your cat showing any type of aggression after giving
him catnip, you may want to refrain from using the herb in the future.


Organic Catnip $4.95
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Aromatherapy for Pets $19.95
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 Aromatherapy for Pets

For Dogs we offer:
Anxiety Oil- great for calming dogs who have separation anxiety, noise anxiety, or fear of new places, people, or things.
Calming oil –is effective for calming hyperactive dogs

Both Dog Oils above are effective for Horses too!

For Cats we offer a Calming Oil. This oil works when they are stressed for any reason.

15 ml amber glass bottle

Our Dog Aromatherapy Oil will make this visit easy for both of you!



Dog Shampoo Bars $8.95
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 Dog Bathing 

100% Earth Friendly and Animal Cruelty Free!

Our handmade, all natural dog shampoo bars will clean, condition and deodorize all in one easy step as they have built in conditioners. They will replenish moisture balance and restore coat shine.
A dog’s skin is just as sensitive as a human’s.

Large Bath Bars-Shaped like a bone

Essential Oil Scents
Organic Lavender
Organic Lavender and Organic Sweet Orange blend
Citrus blend of Organic Sweet Orange and Lemon
Rosemary and Eucalyptus
Cedarwood and Citronella
( we do not offer Tea Tree as it can be harmful to little dogs)

Premium Fragrance oil scents
Baby Powder
Cedar Berry

and Unscented

Perfect for the Active Dog
• Hypo-Allergenic
• 100% Biodegradable
• Free From Animal Ingredients
• pH balanced
• eco-friendly and biodegradable
Contains Aloe Leaf Extracts

Large Bones are 6 oz each  


Dragonfly Flea and Mosquito Control $18.95
Click Here for Product Details! All natural, No DEET

 This all natural, pesticide-free essential oil blend is
great for dogs with pesticide allergies.
 Pure essential oils, botanical infusions and base oils
 will help deter fleas and Mosquitos from your canine.

Contains No DEET or other pesticides

10 ML Amber glass bottle with dropper

 Dog Cookie Kit

Homemade Cookie Kit includes:
1 oz Peppermint
1 plastic cookie cutter
1 free recipe card

Dog Cookie Kit $4.95
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 Tin Cookie Cutters

We offer  all metal cookie cutters that are handcrafted  in the tradition 
of the blacksmiths and tinsmiths that helped forge this nation.
We offer :
5 inch Bone
3 inch Bone
1 1/2 inch Heart
3 inch Round Winged Dragonfly
3 inch Pointed Wing Dragonfly


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Will include a free recipe card - Our cookie cutters have sharp edges.
 They are not meant for children


Tin Cookie Cutters $2.25
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