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Dragonfly Chakra Balancing Oils $25.00
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 Dragonfly Gemstone Chakra Balancing Oils

Nurture your Spirit
 In today’s world, we are battered by stresses from every direction .We work, may have children, pets, parents and bills, just to name a few. You need to take the time to discover how to cleanse, balance and protect yourself using your chakras, the seven energy centers throughout your body. Balance body, mind and spirit with this set of specially designed chakra oils.  
Chakra, means wheel of light or energy vortex in Sanscrit. They are rotating vortices of subtle energy which helps connect our body and mind with the higher realms of existence (the Prana life force). They are the energy centers of the body.  
There are seven major chakras that align with the spine. Each Chakra corresponds with a specific endocrine gland in the body and governs a particular region of our body and mind. If the Chakra is blocked or interfered with, then mental, emotional and physical imbalances may result. Balancing these energies can promote mental, physical and spiritual health. Specific essential oils and crystals can assist and support spiritual development and awaken the chakra energies.

Massage therapists and Reiki practitioners, who have used the chakra oils on themselves and with clients, have reported changes in energy patterns, rate of tension release and otherhard-to-quantify but nonetheless valid internal shifts.

They are also excellent for Yoga, Meditation and Aromatherapy.

Each chakra oil contains a proprietary mix of pure essential oils with a corresponding gemstone in a base of organic oils. No dyes added.  They are sold for health-enhancement purposes only and can be used daily. 

 Root Chakra-  Red – Red Jasper- emotionally calming stone, stability. Balances.    
 Sacral Chakra-   Orange- Carnelian- invites abundance, creativity.
Energies are unblocked and the energy flows freely, reduction of guilty feelings    
 Solar Plexus Chakra-Yellow- Citrine - can not hold negative vibes but instead
dissipates and transmutes it. It attracts abundance, personal power and stimulates
the body's own healing energies. It is good for helping to elevate self-esteem and
for centering.  
 Heart Chakra- Green- Rose Quartz- allows you to be in touch with your basic self.
 It will allow you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty.
It can also allow you to communicate internally with your spirit guides. 
 Throat Chakra- Blue-Blue Lace- This is a calming, uplifting stone. The blue color
strengthens the function of the throat chakra and encourages peace. It can be used
wherever there is a build up of painful or irritated energy. 
 Third Eye Chakra-Indigo-Blue Lapis-brings mental clarity and emotional healing.
Helps us contact our spirit guardians. Stone of truth   
Crown Chakra- Purple- Amethyst- helps you attain wisdom, increasing your awareness,
 awakens your consciousness to life's spirituality, release stagnant mental energies
Each oil is different and they will include a combination of the following 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential oils:              
 Rose Geranium
 Clary Sage

 Use daily or as needed to help balance the mind-body-spirit experience. 
 They can be inhaled or applied directly to each chakra point.
 For external use only. Not recommended for Pregnant or Nursing Moms.
  Full sets or individual vials- 2 drams each vial
Please keep in mind.......Essential oils do fade over time. Some quicker than others as they are volatile.

We make no medical claims



 Picture above is "Eternity"by Igor Zenin