Dream Pillows 



Dream Pillows $9.99
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Having Trouble Sleeping?

Can't Remember your Dreams?

Are you having Bad Dreams?


 DFleftPurple.JPGYou need a dream pillow!

Throughout the world and across time, dream pillows

 have been used to promote sleep and dreams. Dream

 pillows contain special herbal blends formulated to

 induce sleep, calm anxieties or  release creative ideas.


 Our adult and teen dream pillows contain 100% fragrant,

time honored, medicinal herbs and  no fiber fill.

 These lovely hand-made dream pillows are made

 with the finest herbs that are either organic ,wild harvested and are 

chemical free.Directions included.


Can’t sleep?  Order the Dragonfly Peaceful Slumber Pillow
Want to remember your dreams?  Order the Dragonfly Recall Pillow
Having bad dreams? Order the Dragonfly Banishing Pillow 
Children having problems sleeping? Order the Sweet Dreams Pillow 
Want to look into the future? Order the Prophetic Dream Pillow
Want to dream of Fairies? Order the Fairy Dream Pillow


We will make the pillow for you or you may order the kit.


It contains everything you need to create a pillow of your own, including needle and thread.


Pillows may be placed in pillowcases, next to your pillow, may be laid next to you in bed,
or hung on the headboard.


Sweet Dreams!


They  measure approximately 3 inches x 3 inches

The material for pillows are subject to change, depending on availability.   

All the herbs we use are either Organic, Wild harvested and cultivated without chemicals.






 Dream pillows are recommended for children age five (5) years old or more.

For younger children we recommend  our Aromatherapy Sprays.

Spray their bed , let dry and Sweet Dreams !


DFleftPurple.JPG All pillows and kits are created at time of orderDFlrightpurple.JPG

Special Orders Welcome




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