aromatherapy: aro•ma•ther•a•py - Therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, roots, or fruits of a plant or tree. Physiological and psychological benefits of treatment are achieved by absorption through massage, hydrotherapy, and inhalation.

Aromatherapy is a healing art that traces back more than 6000 years and it is the only therapy which empowers you physically, mentally and emotionally. Essential oils have positive effects on every level of being. A balanced emotional state in turn can have a therapeutic effect on physical problems, particularly those that are stress-related. Aromatherapy is the creative and scientific application of essential oils to create beneficial changes in our lives on aesthetic, therapeutic and mystical levels. It has been medically proven that the smell of  lavender increases alpha waves in the back of your head to promote relaxation and the smell of jasmine increasing your beta waves in the front of the head which will foster alertness.

Our Aromatherapy products are made only with 100% Therapeutic grade essential oils. No fragrance oils! Being that essential oils have varying properties to alter emotional, mental and  physical states, you can instantly change the way you feel - enabling you to relax and unwind or energize and invigorate. The emotional healing of our products is indeed something that is beyond description.

We bring Aromatherapy to you many ways: Sprays, Massage oil , Bath Salts and Home items.

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